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Questiion about HGST / WD Ultrastar DC HC520

September 14th, 2023, 8:57


i am complete new here so don't blame me for my question.

Got my hands on some WD Ultrastar DC HC520 with stock firmware. All drives are from 2019.
There is no FW update available through WD Dashboard nor through WD support.
The WD support guy from India was nearly useless. He gave me some link to WD G-Drives

Here on hddguru.com in the download section is an update for exactly the MDL the drives i own.
Flashing with HUGO is possible without error. I was searchin arround and found some infomations.
Firmware updates are availabe and are branded mostly through 2 letters for different custommers, resellers, brands, whatever.

GN stands for Generic Firmware but there at least about 30 other firmware brand codes


Yes is know that firmwares are flashed by factory...for some understandable reasons. But 2019 is a while ago

Is there any real reason not to flash the latest generic firmware from 2023 thats offered here on HDDGuru?

Thanks in advance for a qualified answer.
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