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Tools for hard drive diagnostics, repair, and data recovery
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Inventory + Job Status Web based software.

November 27th, 2020, 13:59

Hi guys,

I'm developing a Web Based Software for Data Recovery Shops.

    1) It will have a mobile friendly version.
    2) Branded design with Company Logo and Country Language.
    3) Purpose is to act as a specific industry CRM

So far I'm developing the inventory module, where you will be able to save your drives in stock and create a barcode / QRcode to print and label them.


Brand: Western Digital
Model: WD2500JB-00REA0
Date: 12 JAN 2007
PCB: 2060-701292-002 REV A
Location: Box 12
Status: Used for PCB donor
Generate QRCode - Button

About the Job Status here is the work order so far:

Start a new case
Register a client withJOB ID, DR quote and device details (this has the option to send a e-mail to the client informing him of a link for the job status so far)
Job Progress: You will be able to state the job progress once changed and e-mail the client with a SNAP2HTML look-a-like feature so the client can confirm the data.
Close Case (this will send the case to a listing of all the completed cases in the past)

CRM functions:

Client List: You will be able to create a list of all your clients and partners, so you can send them e-mail marketing from time to time and have a ever growing database.

I'd like to have suggestions for features that you pros would enjoy and also your input on the pricing system you would feel more confortable with.

Thanking you in advance for your inputs.

P.S: I understand that many of you may already have this kind of system implemented, but I believe there are some who dont.
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