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 Post subject: Re: Cloning an SSD drive.
PostPosted: December 17th, 2020, 2:08 

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people with high level of knowledge are not here to answer basic questions. Everybody has a lot of stuff to do and it is not answering the trivial.
We did our homework too, and we also do it before asking on a forum, which takes time to read and write answers.
Of course i understand your point, that this is slightly less effective than asking a human being, but still, this should be the first step coz you may find the answer yourself, maybe with somewhat more efforts, but without taking time from others.
We must respect the time of other members and not use them as a search engine.

Oh well... é_è In this particular case, I first tried to contribute to searching a proper solution to the O.P.'s problem (noone has followed up on that yet — perhaps it was utterly silly from the P.O.V. of highly knowledgeable people, but, well, at least I tried, I gave some of my time), then I asked two short, incidental questions, elicited by statements that were made in this very thread, which again I did not initiate (and perhaps the person who did initiate it is now reading all this with utter puzzlment, while losing hope of actually solving the problem in question). I figured that someone would perhaps follow up on the first part, and, likewise, add two short replies to those incidental questions, with possibly a bit of informed context about why it's relevant to this or that based on first hand experience (for instance : why does using “pv” slow down the copy that much ?). I very rarely do that kind of reply on a forum myself — if I feel like helping, I help, if I don't, I don't ; when I do reply along the lines of “you should find the answer to that by yourself”, it has to be something utterly basic, like recently someone on a video forum who after a series of relatively basic but legitimate questions (about embedding subtitles into a video, which arguably could be answered by a Web search or by R.T.F.M.) asked in post #10 “What's a 7z file ? Do I need something special to open/run ?” I don't think that what I asked here is even close, but if the general consensus is that I did something very bad then I'll go whip myself with urtica for one hour straight for daring to steal another human being's time...

 Post subject: Re: Cloning an SSD drive.
PostPosted: December 24th, 2020, 16:52 

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Can you share a list of tools for cloning SSD Drives?

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