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Tools for hard drive diagnostics, repair, and data recovery
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Re: my software na express

June 8th, 2021, 20:07

pepe wrote:So if there was no tool and i built my own (there exists one after that), it is a security issue and my whole personality is questionable if i do DR using that. bravo.
What about AV software makers? They rely on security issues as well, i'm afraid...
What do you have for car mechanics, carpenters, electronic technicians who live from repairing other people's stuff? Cars should not break if they were built perfect, same is true for a bunch of useless rip-off profession.
I think you may have lost the connection to real life, being a pensioner you have nothing to worry about, nothing better to do than building weird philosophies...

Looks like i am arguing with the one in possessing THE knowledge , please forgive me for being so sinful not understanding the profound thoughts of gods. I am trying to learn. But i 'm afraid i will never become so perfect. maybe i give up...


Why do you insist on interpreting my statements as impugning your integrity?

The accepted practice when someone discovers a security flaw, even if it was discovered at considerable personal expense, is to make the manufacturer aware of it. The manufacturer is then morally obliged to redress the flaw. After sufficient time has passed, the researcher should then make the public aware of the risk.

We all know that data recovery people are specially chosen for their high moral standards and impeccable business ethics, but there are a lot of bad actors who would have access to the same tools and who don't share those same noble principles. That includes expensive professional tools, not just freeware. The Equation group is one bad actor that comes to mind.

I wonder what the American public would think if they knew that the tools that can defeat their HDD and SSD security originate in Russia and China, especially in the current cyber(in)security climate?

Re: my software na express

June 8th, 2021, 21:16

then i guess you have no axes and knives at home, since they can pose serious security issues in the wrong hands.
As i wrote, if somebody really wants to hurt, he will and he will not need the help of anybody else. It is not a difficult task to modify hdd firmware even without these tools, they simply make life easier.
To modify hdd firmware in a purposefully harmful way the attacker needs very thorough understanding of its functional parts and no tools are able to significantly help with that. On the other hand it is really easy to screw up something with perfectly zero knowledge and a tool. That's not a security issue, rather the result of ignorance.

Why do you insist on interpreting my statements as impugning your integrity?

It is not about my integrity, it just became clear from several of your posts over the years that DR people are the black guys in your eyes, who know nothing but pushing buttons and charge an arm and a leg for 2-3 clicks. Roughly. Well, i agree that there are different levels of skills out there and some people should not work in this profession, coz of very low level of knowledge and manly, the ability to find out something on their own.
So there should be some mutual respect, in person and in interest, not questioning the first one but the 2nd.


Re: my software na express

June 9th, 2021, 3:47

fzabkar wrote:
northwind wrote:Right, and how do you control the power of the drive without hardware?
This also looks like a ripoff from PC3k, Ace will be happy to know.



Re: my software na express

Yesterday, 9:58

naexp wrote:Hi everyone .

My software na express has been published. You can visit my website: http://www.na94.com to get it, and the website still under building.

The software is alpha version now, and totally free.

if you find some bug or suggest ,please contact me. nadev@na94.com

Thank you.



Its application is very interesting.

Is it necessarily mandatory to have an H61 or B75 mthorboard?

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