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Sean, here is the Book i told you about...

September 2nd, 2012, 9:25

Since i Love History a lot, and 12y back when i was having my Forensic Training in England, i saw many people READ everywhere
Train Station, on their FREE time you will notice NO ONE WASTE his time for nothing, most of the British do READ a lot

in fact, that is very good, and as i noticed, most them read novel stories

i stopped one day and saw many Book Store where they sell Old 2nd. hand Books, and i was shocked about the Printed DATES of those books.

because i Love History and always read on the way back home, i left all of the stupid things i carried during all those years there
and i carried ONLY my Lovely Collection of Books.

One of them (and this is for Sean) is a History of English Language, and how there are Many DEAD Words where new Generations are not aware of
attached here is the sample of this Book in addition to another book.

But while i was Telling those Dead Words to my friends Grand Grand relatives, they were really Shocked
how come? A Foreigner knows, and our kids don`t...

this is where it all begins....

btw, I enjoy while Traveling talking MORE with the Old Generations and have plenty of friends, more than those who are on my Age...

thank you for reading this, this is mainly for British Citizens and i mean here Sean...

:wink: :wink:
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