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 Post subject: Learning data recovery
PostPosted: April 17th, 2020, 8:05 

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Hey, first of all sorry wasn't sure where to put this topic, i'm trying to learn data recovery, have been for a few months but funds are minimal. PC-3000's price is just not something i can afford and don't see a point anytime soon that i'll be able to afford it.

I have built a "laminar" flow cabinet for £30 which works great suprisingly and have purchased some deleted file recovery software, some scanning/repair software, head replacement and a green inspection light. i have also been buying broken/second hand hard drives from ebay to try and fix and open up to learn what can and cannot be done.

Well i have now come to the conclussion that i need PC-3000 or something similar so is there any alternatives to PC-3000 that obviously wont do that good of a job but would allow me to handle the most common repairs to gain some cash for funding after i have learned more and am confident i wont ruin someones hard drive.

The problem i am facing right now is an inifinite read issue (that's what i call it), i plug it in via usb adapter and the pc makes a noise like it has been connected and then the read light flashes a few times 5-8 times. Then stops, then flashes again then stop then flashes again and so on forever. Sometimes it reads eventually but the hard drive can't be opened or recovered and other times it never reads. Also trying to open the drive in anything (chkdsk, hddscan, reclaime, etc) all results in the software freezing and not being able to close it or end process until i unplug the usb and then it detects the drive and so does windows and says it needs formatting. I'm wondering if it's a head issue maybe debris on the heads, or could be firmware but it seems like a large number of hard drives i look into have this same issue.

 Post subject: Re: Learning data recovery
PostPosted: April 17th, 2020, 21:42 

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Short of significant investment in tools, a good starting point is to learn using tools outside of Windows and USB connections.
>Look into MHDD (software side of the forum) - it is old, so it does not support high capacity drives (can try also to play with Victoria)
>Learn how to check SMART values before attaching drives to Windows
>Look into hddsuperclone (and maybe ddrescue)
>Working with free tools, working in a Linux environment is ideal

Once you become prolific with those tools, then you will be able to generate a bit of income and then start thinking about fancier tools.
Among fancier tools, many people start with a Chinese tool called MRT (it has many bugs), but many find its pricing system attractive in return for what it could do.
Good luck!

Hard Disk Drive, SSD, USB Drive and RAID Data Recovery Specialist in Massachusetts

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